Award-Winning Dishes
for More Than 30 Years

Mililani Restaurant, located in the original Mililani Shopping Center in central Oahu. This humble restaurant serves up large portions of local favorites from Portuguese Fried Rice to Fried Saimin. So if you want great food and to go where the locals eat, come on in and check us out!

Catering & Delivery Questions:

Q: Do you deliver?

 A: Yes we do. We deliver with a purchase of $1000.00 or more. 

Q: How much is your delivery fee?

A: Delivery is $20.00 anywhere in the Mililani area. Outside Mililani is a flat rate between $80.00 to $120.00 for the delivery fee.

Q: How many people will your pans feed?

A: The amount of people that our pans feed will vary on the person and their appetite. A general rule of thumb goes for the following pans: 

  • ½ Pan will feed approximately 10 people
  • Full Pan will feed approximately 20 people
  • XL Pan will feed approximately 30 people